Virginia Fone Net Membership

Membership Requirements:
    50 logged contacts on the VFN log sheet, over 90 days, with the VFN (click here for a printable log in PDF format)
        Submit log to KG4DTM Carole Alexander, 636 Travelers Rest Road, Hague, Virginia 22469
        Include dues for 1 year ($10.00 beginning in 2006)
    Upon log inspection, a VFN membership number will be issued.

Net Manager: W4GMF Grant eMail
Asst Net Manager: W4SHS Warren

Other Activity on 3.947 mHz
Join us in the early AM (5 AM until 8 AM) for our informal “Green Frogs” net. You never know what you might hear!

Check out the “Freeloaders” in the evening at 7:00 PM - just before the VFN - on 3.947 mHz!