Photos from the 2022 VFN Annual Meeting























































Prize Winners List Virginia Fone Net Annual Meeting-June 11, 2022

Yeti Tumbler Mug-K4JZQ Larry, KY4CA Chuck

MFJ 1702C Two position Antenna Switch- KC3QQD Eric, KB4CAU Mike  

MFJ 260C 300w Dry Dummy Load-AD4PP John Paul, W3EME Todd  

MFJ VHF Analyzer-WE4ET Jim, KE4RMB Frank  

Samlex 9-15v 25 amp Switching PS- K7RLH Richard  

Rig Runner -K4JZQ Larry 

MFJ Switching DC PS - KB3PQT Frank 

MFJ 1.8-200 Mhz SWR/Watt meter- WE4ET Jim, KE4RMB Frank  

LDG Pro 200 Antenna Tuner - WE4ET Jim

ARRL Handbook - K3KUN Mike, WA4GIN Dave

YAESU FT-65R 2M/70cm Handheld- KB4CAU Mike, K7RLH Richard, KE4NC Charles, AD4PP John Paul

MFJ 259 Antenna Analyzer-W4CSA Phil, KB4CAU Mike

AlphaDelta Antenna-KA3OCS Buckmaster dipole-N3KUN

Reba KO4CUF purchased and provided as prizes to be drawn one dozen VFN Coffee Mugs. To be eligible for drawing on these. You had to be present and also not previously won a prize during this prize drawing.